Naptime Genesis

Dedicated and involved in their respective workplaces, the founders of Naptime experienced first hand the impact of stress due to overwork.

They understood that to “keep the distance” of a day, to manage delays, stress and pressure. It was necessary to be able to rest, to disconnect from the screens and perpetual solicitations of a demanding professional daily life.

This is how Naptime and the dnb cabin were born. A privileged place to isolate yourself and regain some intimacy during a beneficent break.

Our Philosophy

Improving workers’ health
Naptime‘s cabin is designed and built to bring optimal regeneration. After a nap in one of our dnb. Recipients will be rested and better equipped to combat stress and certain occupational pathologies such as burnout.

Promoting the local economy
Naptime is developing the dnb in Switzerland even if that means reducing its margins in order to support local businesses. They have all embraced the concept and are playing the game of regional production in a long-term vision.

Valuing SwissMade
Naptime brings together not only serious and professional actors, but also quality materials, conscientiously chosen and with Swiss origins in the majority.

Participating in the ecological effort
By refusing offshoring, Naptime consciously works for ecology and reduces its carbon footprint, avoiding unnecessarily energy-intensive, expensive and polluting transportation.

Our team

Joel Chiodoni

Founder and CEO

Giovanni Di Gisi

Founder and COO

Céline Courvoisier


Guillaume Drucy

Business Development

Christian Morard

Technical development

Sébastien Blaise

Technical development